Evening Party Potluck

There is a sign at the facility …come gather at our table. We have always had an optional potluck at Eros, and we believe that sharing a meal is a great way for people to connect. We have two long buffet tables with lots of seating for our members to eat, catch up with friends, and make new acquaintances.

We provide some main dish items and sides, and our members often bring other items to add. The amount and variety of food varies from party to party; sometimes we get a lot of potluck contributions and sometimes we get less. We occasionally run out of some items but we do our best to keep the snacks and soft beverages flowing!

The Potluck normally lasts for the first 3-4 hours of each event, sometimes a little longer if our members are still snacking. If you plan to enjoy the potluck, please consider bringing a food item or making a small cash donation to our potluck donation jar. The potluck is totally optional, and you are always welcome to enjoy the food and beverages without contributing in any way. If you do plan to contribute an item to the potluck it is not necessary to bring enough to feed everyone, we appreciate any and all contributions.

We have found that most members don’t seem to want to bring food for the potluck, so there is a potluck donation box at the front desk. If someone wants to put in a couple of dollars to help with the rising food costs, we greatly appreciate that.

Common Items

Items you might want to consider:

  • Chips, dips, or salsa.
  • 2 liter bottles of soda, regular and diet. We love to get a variety of different flavors, so bring what you like to drink – we provide cups and ice.
  • Desserts – finger foods work well.
  • Cheese and crackers.
  • A fruit or vegetable tray.
  • Various proteins – fried chicken/tenders etc.
  • Paper goods – compostable plates, cups, forks; the facility we use has a strong recycling and composting program.

Both store-bought and home-made items are great! We have index cards you can use to list any ingredients that might trigger allergies.

Due to the nature of our events we discourage strongly flavored items (heavy onions, garlics, etc).

If you bring a crock pot or serving utensils, please ensure your name is on all items and is legible. This will ensure you receive them back. Please remember to retrieve your bowls and plates at the end of the party. If you want we can always help to find an alternate serving dish at the beginning of the party so you can wash and place your dishes in your car.


In the spirit of being as green as possible, we are not going to provide free bottled water at the parties anymore. We found half full bottles of water everywhere, and we are going back to having filtered water in dispensers at the beverage counter. Please use the provided red cups and put your name on them so that each member can use one cup per party and help cut down on waste.