Our Parties

This page contains details for both our Sunday swim parties and our night-time events.

Eros is a respectful and playful community where you can meet some sexy new friends. These parties are social and relaxing; you will see and experience new things and have a wonderful time.

All prospective members must make a reservation to attend their first event. Existing members (couples and single females) are not required to make a reservation, but we always appreciate knowing that you’re attending. You must be 18 years or older to attend one of our events and we will ask for valid State ID.

Please contact us to make reservations on any of our upcoming events and let us know if you have any questions.

Evening (Couples) Parties

We are hosting Eros Couples parties on Saturday nights once a month (occasional Friday night events). These are often themed for more fun and we include an ice-breaker activity at some. These parties are open to couples, single females, and pre-screened single males. Our couples parties are gender balanced.


  • 7:00 New members arrive for orientation and tour.
  • 8:00 Party starts for all members.
  • 8:00-12:30 Potluck available in social area (we welcome potluck contributions).
  • 11:30 Late night snack, platters of sandwiches and freshly baked cookies, in the social area.
  • 1:00 Party ends for all members.

Refreshments including soda pop and coffee are available throughout the party.

Overnight accommodation is available at the evening parties, and we have a limited number of beds and extra blankets.

Swim Parties

We are hosting Eros drop-in swim parties on Sundays twice a month, from 1-5pm. These parties are open to couples, single females, and single males, and are not gender balanced.

There will be a potluck table with light snack foods and beverages; if you wish to bring something to contribute to the snack table, please feel free to do so.

If you are new to Eros, you are invited to check out the facility; the comfortable feeling and relaxed nature of this location is very appealing. Come out and join us for a naked swim in our indoor heated pool (swimsuits are optional) or a relaxing soak in the hot tub, and see what happens…


  • 12:00 New members arrive for orientation and tour.
  • 1:00 Party starts for all members.
  • 5:00 Party ends for all members.

Summer Campout

We are planning to hold our summer campout again in 2024 on July 12th-14th. This is a whole weekend set aside for sexy fun, parties, relaxing, and swimming. As well as our campers we welcome drop-in guests for the Friday night party, Saturday night party, and Sunday swim. Single males need to be pre-approved to attend the campout as a whole, or either of the evening parties.