Member Agreement

Eros requires all members, including our staff and volunteers, to follow our rules, as well as our principals of consent and respect. Violation of any rule below may result in your being asked to leave a party and may also result in suspension or revocation of membership. The club has to rely on our members to report issues as we can’t (and don’t want to be) everywhere; if you see something, or experience something, please say something to one of our staff as quickly as possible.

It is the responsibility of members to check for changes in our rules, to aid in this we add the last updated date to the end of all pages containing rules or policies.


  1. Eros is an inclusive community, we welcome members regardless of race, gender, gender identity, or sexuality. We provide a safe space for all members to attend and explore their wildest dreams and desires. We also expect all members to respect each other and make everyone welcome.

  2. Treat everyone with respect and let our staff know if you are not treated with respect. We have members of all body shapes and sizes, professions, education, religions, ethnic background, sexual orientations, and desires.

  3. No fighting or drama is allowed at the party.

  4. Respect the privacy of others. Outside disclosure of anyone’s membership is highly inappropriate and prohibited.

  1. No Means No — no exceptions. No member should have to say no twice, nor explain an answer of “No thank you”.

  2. We encourage open discussion prior to sexual interaction with anyone. Full consent is required prior to any encounter.

  3. Clear communication and understanding is essential to every member’s enjoyment of the club.

  4. We strongly recommend the practice of safer sex: condoms and safer sex supplies are available in all the playrooms. We encourage open communication about safer sex prior to any sexual interaction.

  5. No illegal drugs of any kind are allowed on the premises and no sharing of prescription medication is permitted. We may ask any member to leave if they appear to be impaired in any way.

  6. No alcohol or marijuana is permitted at our events or on the property. Every encounter needs to be consented to by sober members. No outside containers are permitted at the parties. We may ask any member to leave if they appear to be impaired in any way.

  7. Any disability or other condition which may make communication difficult and therefore make consent unclear must be made known to club staff before any participation.

Sexual Activity

  1. No nudity or sexual activity in the main social area. Although we do not have a dress code, we require minimal dress in the main social area and parking lot.

  2. While in the voyeur/library room, it is better to sit rather than stand when watching others play. It is also better to keep discussions at a low volume and to move long conversations into the social room or pool area.

  3. Please clean up after yourselves and manage your own bodily fluids. We provide reuseable protective pads (to protect the sheets and mattresses) and towels at the front desk. Trash receptacles are available in all spaces within the facility, please use them after each encounter.

  4. No sexual activity or fluids in the pool or hot tub.

Our Facilities

  1. Please respect our facility and the grounds.

  2. We have an agreement with our neighbors to minimize noise and ask for no loud noises outside after 10:00pm. Please be careful with car alarms, loud stereos or loud conversation outdoors; especially when you are exiting the event after 10:00 p.m.

  3. We do not have a locker setup at the facility so we recommend that you lock any valuables in your vehicle, but please don’t set any car alarms.

  4. No glass or food is allowed in the pool area. Red cups only in the play areas, and we provide cold bottled water for all members in the social area.

  5. Please shower before using the pool or hot tub.

  6. Smoking and vaping is allowed in a designated area just outside and behind the DJ area. Please use the ashtrays that are provided.

  7. Pets or animals are not permitted on the property (including left in a car) as we use a spiritual sanctuary space and it is against the facility policy. Please contact us with any questions regarding service animals.

  8. Please leave the play areas in good condition — we will provide plenty of clean sheets for you to use.

  9. No firearms or weapons of any kind allowed on our premises. Violation will result in immediate expulsion and termination of membership.

Finally, …

  1. Please pay attention to posted signs throughout the building; there may be additional information, or activities, on a per-party basis.

This page was last updated: Friday, September 22.