Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I become a member of the Eros community?

We ask all interested people to send us a message via email, voice, or text. Please reserve using your full name and the event you wish to attend. When you arrive we will check your matching ID to the event. Once we receive this information we will send you a confirmation back with the location address, directions and other helpful newcomer information. If you haven’t heard back from us within 48 hours, please send another message as we do get messages in our bulk folder occasionally.

Q. What does it cost to attend; do you have an initiation or membership fee?

Refer to our membership & dues page.

Q. How do you describe the facility location?

Our events are held at a home-like retreat center in Redmond, WA, surrounded by acres of natural and beautiful grounds. We have lots of indoor play space for group fun, as well as areas that are semi-private for intimate moments with special friends. There is a wonderful heated indoor pool plus hot tub where swimming suits are optional, a dance area with great music, and a brass pole often used for erotic and fun shows. There are two outbuilding cabins that are available during our events; one is cozy and semi-private, and has a loft and two king sized beds; a very popular semi-private area that our members enjoy. The second cabin is larger and has recently been upgraded; this space can accommodate larger groups of members/friends who want to spend time together (at least 20-30 people or more if you are friendly) and you can spread out and have a sexy scene occur without being watched by all of the other members. This is the area that works best for light BDSM. If you want to be watched or show off for the other members; inside the main building works well for that in our largest open playroom (Voyeur Room) with lots of beds and seats. Check out our tour page to view photos of various rooms inside our party location.

Q. What type of people attend the events?

We have a diverse group of friendly, social, and open minded people who attend each party. All age groups are welcome and represented at our parties. All our party themes and activities are optional participation with many rooms open to general regular activity and sexy fun.

Q. Do you allow single males to attend?

Yes, see our gender balance policy.

Q. Do single females attend?

Every party includes several single females. We have many single females who have attended our parties for their first lifestyle event as a single, and some have become regular attendees and staff members.

Q. Can a member couple bring an extra single person to a party?

Yes, single female guests are unrestricted at this time. If you wish to bring an extra male guest to a party, we ask you to do the following. First, we ask that you have met in person and are not just on-line friends. This is because we ask you to vouch for their good behavior, and that they will follow the event and facility rules. Second, if you do get permission to bring another man with you then he would need to attend the orientation meeting, and if you leave for the night we would ask that your party all leave at the same time. Single females are always permitted to bring a date with them, but the same rules apply to them as couples – you have met in person, he attends orientation, and then you need to leave together.

Q. Can I use a name other than my legal name?

Of course! However, for membership tracking we have to use your ID. When you attend for the first time let us know any name you would prefer to be known by and we will keep a record of it.

Q. What should we wear?

Women often wear casual clothing and sexy little outfits and may bring lingerie and robes to change into as the evening progresses. Men often wear casual clothing and bring robes and towels to change into as the evening progresses. We will occasionally host special themed events, with details for optional dress for that evening.

Q. What should we bring?

We suggest you bring a small duffel bag with you to hold your items; change of clothes, robe, small play bag with your preferred safer sex items. There is a cubbyhole area available in the pool room to store your items. We do not have a locker setup so please do not bring valuables with you into the building. Instead, please lock them in your vehicle but do not set any car alarms.

Q. Is food provided?

Yes, see the potluck page.

Q. What time do the events start and how late do they go?

Refer to our parties page.

Q. What are the rules at each event?

Refer to our member agreement page.

Q. Is smoking allowed at the events?

Not indoors, but we have a covered smoking area on our patio which is just outside and around the corner from the pool and dance area.

Q. Is BDSM permitted at Eros?

We allow very light BDSM in a semi-private large cabin area that is detached from the main party space. Very light BDSM at Eros means, light spanking and playing with toys. Medium and Heavy impact BDSM play is not permitted at Eros. This semi-private large cabin area is also used for sexy connections and very light BDSM should never be the totality of play out there.

Q. Is it OK to bring pets if left in the car?

No, pets or animals are not permitted on the property (including left in a car) as we use a spiritual sanctuary space, and it is against the facility policies. Please contact us with any questions.

Q. Are cell phones or cameras allowed at the parties?

For our members privacy, any type of photo or video photography is strictly prohibited both inside or outside the property. We know that some members have a need to check on babysitters and other concerns, and we allow checking of messages in the couch/front desk area only.

It’s best to leave cell phones in your locked vehicle, but they can be left at the front desk or stored in a bag, or jacket, as long as it is either turned off or on silent mode and is not used inside the buildings. Usage of a cellphone for calls, text, email, etc. is best done inside your vehicle in the parking lot.