About Us

Welcome to Eros Events (formerly Redmond Ranch). Eros Events is a private membership group based in Redmond, WA that started in early 2003. If you are interested in open sexuality, community, and on-site amazing lifestyle events, then come visit us. You are free to jump right in and have a wild time, or just visit without participating. Our events are socially-oriented with opportunities for great conversation and making new friends.

To make reservations to attend our next event send us a message via email, voice, or text. Check out our tour page to view photos of different areas of our facilities. For more information, refer to our FAQ page.

Eros requires all members, including our staff and volunteers, to adhere to the member agreement, as well as our principles of consent and respect.

At Eros consent is sexy, and we believe that while “No means No”, only “Yes means Yes”. No member should have to say “No” twice, nor explain an answer of “No thank you”. This is the reason we choose not to allow alcohol or marijuana at our events or on the property. We may ask any member to leave if they appear to be impaired in any way.

Any disability or other condition which may make communication of explicit consent difficult, must be made known to club staff before any participation. The club and staff will make every possible effort to accommodate members with disabilities.


Eros is an inclusive community; we welcome members regardless of race, gender, gender identity, or sexuality. We provide a safe space for all members to attend and explore their wildest dreams and desires. We expect all members to treat each other with respect.

Starting in 2023 we have ended gender-based pricing for our parties so all singles pay the same entrance amount. We feel this is an important change for Eros, making it clear that we welcome new prospective members and existing members equally. See our gender balance policy for more information.