Welcome to Eros Events

An adult, on-premise, lifestyle group

Coming soon on , it's our . See our calendar for more details.

Welcome to Eros Events, an adult, on-premise, lifestyle group. In April we had our 21st anniversary hosting parties at the wonderful private facility that we use for our events. There have been some amazing facility upgrades over all of those years, and we are looking forward to the next 20+ years of sexy and social events.

Eros is an inclusive community, and we welcome members regardless of race, gender, gender identity, or sexuality. We provide a safe space for all members to attend and explore their wildest dreams and desires. We expect all members to respect and treat each other in a friendly and safe manner.

We are no longer offering any events with gendered pricing. This means that everyone will pay the same price to attend one of our events. Our Sunday afternoon swim parties are $30 per person . Our night-time events are $60 per couple or $35 per person .

We will be hosting both Saturday night and occasional Friday night events going forward. All of our evening parties start at 8pm, and newcomers need to arrive by 7pm for orientation. All of our Swim Parties start at 1pm, and newcomers need to arrive at noon for orientation. Note that special events may have their own start times.

Please tell all your friends that Eros is having lots of fun and sexy parties, and also note the party prices.

Interested in Joining?

If you haven’t attended an Eros party before we do require that you attend an orientation session before your first party, at 7pm for evening parties and 12pm for swim parties. Orientation covers some of our rules and principles in more detail, and includes a tour of the facilities. See our membership page for more information.

Once you become a member of the Eros community there are facility requirements, rules, and behavior agreements that you must honor and uphold to continue being a member of the Eros community.