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Hello Everyone :)

We are cancelling all Eros parties, given both a state mask mandate now in place for all people vaccinated or not as well as the Covid positive numbers going the wrong way right now.

We want to do the responsible thing for our community and right now that seems to be not hosting events for the foreseeable future.

Please check the website for any changes as we go through another winter with this horrible pandemic.

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About Us

Welcome to Eros Events (formerly Redmond Ranch)! Eros Events is a private membership group that started in early 2003; based in Redmond, WA, where open-minded couples/singles can come and explore their sexuality, sensuality, and spirituality. We have created an environment where you can fulfill your wildest fantasies in a safe and relaxed setting. If you are interested in hedonism, community, and having a great time with your partner and potentially others, then come visit us. You are free to explore your sexuality at a fun and safe location without any pressure, or just visit without participating. Our events are very socially oriented with many opportunities for great conversation and for making new friends.

If you have not already made reservations to attend our next event email, or call, us directly. Check out our tour page to view photos of various rooms inside our facilities. For more information, refer to our FAQ page.


Please check back later when we re-open.

Dues and Party Costs

We use a private facility and everyone who attends needs to be a member. The membership/dues each calendar year are $10 per person. Our membership requirements are attending orientation at your first event, paying your dues each year, and signing membership documents. Note membership renews each January, new members in December receive the full following year as well.

Evening parties couples $60, single females $30, and single males $60 (pre-approved for each event).

Swim parties couples $50, single females $30, and single males $30.

Also, please note that we unfortunately do not accept credit/bank cards.

Eros Reference Reward Program

We reward our Eros members with a $20 discount who bring first time attending couples/extra single females to our parties. Members are encouraged to help bring multiple new couples/single females, and our parties are even better as a result. Reference reward discounts accumulate for use at any upcoming party, with a limit of one $20 discount per member couple for each event. Single males who bring a new couple with them are entitled to a discount as well and single females who bring a new single female with them will be able to attend for just $10.

Covid Protocols

All Eros members must bring their completed Covid vaccination card with them to their first event back along with a valid State ID card; failure to bring your card will result in your not being able to stay at the party.

Please never come to a party when you are not feeling well. If you do attend a party and end up not feeling well, we ask you to leave the event voluntarily or we will ask you to leave the event. We reserve the right to check someone’s temperature whom we suspect may be feeling ill and/or has a fever.

Mask wearing is not required, but some members may choose to wear one and that decision needs to be respected by all members.

Eros Naked Swim Parties

We are hosting Eros drop-in swim parties on Sundays 1-2 times a month, from 1-5pm (all year round, rain or shine). These parties are open to couples, single females and single males and is not-gender balanced.

There are no relationship restrictions and this is not a gender balanced event; this party is open to couples, single females, and single males. There will be a potluck table with light snack foods and beverages; if you wish to bring something to contribute to the snack table please feel free to do so.

There will be a potluck table with light snack foods and beverages; if you wish to bring something to contribute to the snack table please feel free to do so. Drop-in amount is $30/person, $50/couple, and membership dues of just $10.

If you are new to Eros you are invited to check out the facility; the comfortable feeling and relaxed nature of this location is very appealing. The pool room is wonderful during the day; come out and join us for a naked swim (swim suits optional) or a relaxing soak in the hot tub and see what happens...

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