We are very excited about our upcoming 13th anniversary – our very first event was Feb 28, 2003, and we would love to see as many couples as possible who were there that first year we started. All couples who were at our first party in 2003 are invited to attend this event as our guests.

We greatly appreciate your support and thank you all for attending our events, and for bringing so many of your friends out with you. The parties are only as good as the people who attend, and we have the best members anywhere. If you bring a new couple/new single female with you then you will receive a discount off your party entrance fee ($20). If you cannot attend with them then you can use your discount at the event of your choosing.

So if you haven’t been out to Eros in a while or have never attended, join us for our special anniversary night to help us make it a great party and celebration.

If you’d like to attend any of our events, please email us with reservations: info@eros-events.org