Start the New Year off with a bang, a Gang Bang. This is always a great party for our female members who want to fulfill a fantasy of being with multiple people at one time; this is also a great time to watch others in a variety of sexy and erotic encounters.

There are several female members interested in participating in a gang bang and we have many new couples signed up and some new single females and single males; so come out and help us welcome all of the new folks.

Female members can let us know in advance if they are interested in being involved in the theme (especially if they have questions) or they can also decide while at the event. Participation in our themes is always optional, and there will be lots of other fun activities going on during the party. Single males need to be pre-screened and they should not just drop in, they will not be admitted without a confirmed reservation.

2015 was our best year yet, and we are looking forward to more fun and exciting parties this year. Although expenses have been going up, we are not raising our fees. The party entrance amount is still $45/couple which includes: potluck dinner, snacks, desserts, soft beverages and spending the night. Dues are still just $10/person each year. If you bring a new couple/new single female with you to one of our events you will receive a $20 discount off that night’s party fee.

If you’d like to attend any of our events, please email us with