No means No

This is a common saying at lifestyle parties and you would think that this is a simple thing, 
but it isn't always.

If someone asks you to play at the party and you are not interested then you just say 'No'. 
Simple right? Not always....

What if the woman is thinking about it for a minute? If she equivocates does that mean it 
is ok to proceed? Does that mean a 'Yes'?

She might be considering what she wants to do. She might be waiting for her partner to return 
(although it can be considered impolite or opportunistic to pounce when the male half leaves). 
She might not have heard you. Any of these things could be going on.

What do you do?


You do not make a physical move on someone at a party without a clear yes, either verbally, 
or unless they communicate to you in a clear way physically. They take your hand, they pull 
you in towards them, they nod their head. Any of these things will work non-verbally. We do 
try to keep conversations in the play areas/orgy rooms to a minimum.

Without a 'yes' you shouldn't be proceeding with an approach on any member.

We ask our members, but female members in particular, to answers requests to play in a clear
and concise way. Most of the time the women are likely to be getting propositioned but this 
applies to male members also. If you are interested in the person then you are free to proceed 
however you wish to do so. If you are not interested then a simple and direct 'no thank' is all 
that is needed.

This isn't complicated if everyone follows these few simple guidelines.

Play safe everyone.

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