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Longhouse Pool Fund-Raiser Update Notice

This is an update on the Pool Fund-raiser event at the Longhouse.

But, first, for those who missed what happened…. Back in April 2013 four of the groups that regularly used the Longhouse facility (Eros, PSPG, Club Kakia and the CSPC), came together to help raise money for the pool; a nice older pool and one of the last in this area that is clothing optional. The facility managers had been told that the pool heater could go out at any time. To compensate for that eventuality, they turned down the heat on the pool to help the heater last as long as possible. Members mostly did not use the pool at this cooler temperature. The heater was also not running efficiently and was using additional gas.

These groups met and organized a fund-raiser to help with the extra costs associated with running the pool. The idea was to hopefully raise enough money to keep the pool open, to cover the additional gas expenses to heat the pool at the original and higher temperature, and to buy a new heater. We all worked hard for weeks with things finally coming together to have a "Save our Pool" party on April 13, 2013. We opened up at mid-afternoon with people coming in from all over who wanted to help and donate to this worthy cause. We asked for a minimum donation of $20/person, and we had a potluck to minimize expenses. Some people gave more than $20, and we raised almost $6,000 with about 235 people in attendance. The party lasted over 10 hours and a good time was had by all.  This was the single biggest one day event at the Longhouse in their 30+ year history.

After the event, most of the monies were set aside for the day the heater would go out. Some of the proceeds went to the additional gas costs for use of the pool on a regular basis going forward for all of the groups. The remainder was kept until just this past week when the heater finally went out. The facility was very happy to be able to access this special fund right away by having a new heater professionally installed. So, now the pool heater is brand new, and the additional gas costs have been covered.

Everyone involved with the pool fund-raiser wants to thank you for all of the help with this special event; whether it was physically helping at the event, telling friends, or digging deep into your pockets and donating what you could. We are all so thankful for the wonderful assistance from this community of amazing and generous people. Thank you everyone.

If you haven’t done so recently, come and check out the pool at the Longhouse; it is a very comfortable 92 degrees. It is very soothing to have a naked swim or a naked soak in the hot tub.

There will be future projects at the facility that will need attention down the road. We will keep you up-to-date on what is happening at the Longhouse.

With much gratitude and love,


Pool Fund-Raiser Committee

Summer Newsletter 2014

Hi everybody……we have been on our summer break and are about to go back to our regular schedule of the first and third Fridays of the month. We wanted to say hello to the members because we miss seeing everyone, and we miss having our fun Friday night parties on a regular basis. The location where we host our events is used during the summer months for weekend long camp-outs, so we normally have less parties during that time.

The Hawaiian BBQ party in August was a huge success and one of our best parties ever. For those of you who missed it, the weather was perfect and we had our largest turnout in over 11 years; 200 people attended this event.

Coming up at Eros

Next event: Friday, Sept 19th- Back to School/School Girl Night. Hope to see you all at that party.

So come out and see us soon, you can have a dance on the dance floor, visit the many playrooms, a relaxing soak in the hot tub, or a refreshing dip in the clothing optional pool; you will enjoy yourself with all of us at Eros.

Please accept our thanks to all of you for your support of the Eros parties; over the years many, many people have attended.

This is also a welcome to those who have yet to attend their first Eros Event.



Eros Events
phone: (425) 868-8169

Pool Fundraiser – Thank you

On behalf of the Longhouse community and the Pool Fund-Raiser Committee, we want to thank you all for your help and support. So many of you came out to the Fund-Raiser party recently and helped us to "Save our Pool". We were pleased to see so many people in attendance, and we set an all-time record for a single night event at the facility – 234 people over the afternoon and evening.

Our goal was to raise enough money to replace the pool heater when it is needed, and there were more than enough funds raised to cover that. The extra funds are going to be put to good use at the facility as well as there are many other things needing to be fixed. They are taking bids right now for a variety of different smaller projects, and the plan is to ask the members what they are most interested in having done first. There will be a short survey sent out with some options so please stay tuned.

Again sincere thanks for your support of the facility and for helping to sustain it into the future. We are all very grateful.


Longhouse Community
Longhouse Pool Fund-Raiser Committee
- Eros Events
- Pacific Sex Positive Group (PSPG)
- Club Kakia
- Center for Sex Positive Culture (CSPC)

Eros Events – 10 Year Anniversary Newsletter

Eros – 10 years later.

It all started over 22 years ago when Jim and I met at a lifestyle party. There were lots of people there and I was with friends and a blind date. That seemed like such a good idea at the time….anyway, after some things that didn’t go so well, I met Jim and my night and my life changed forever. We started talking – Jim is pretty easy to talk to, and I found myself telling him my life story. He later told me that happened to him a lot, but I understood, he was very friendly; and perhaps this could be a fun place after all. I had lost track of my friends by then and wasn’t sure quite what to do, this was very my first lifestyle party. Then Jim offered to give me a massage, let’s just say that Jim is very good at massage, and we became good friends right away. We discovered that we lived really far away from each other, so we were going to have to figure out a way to stay in touch. We did.

Jim and I were married a year later and were having the time of our lives. We traveled around the country doing an extended road trip, visiting lots of fun and different places. By the time we got back home we settled in to attending lifestyle parties and making new friends. It really is true; you meet the best friends of your lives at these kinds of parties. For a shyer person, I found myself coming out of my shell, being more outgoing and really feeling vibrant and alive. There were a few favorite events that we liked to attend, as well as some awesome house parties. Some deep relationships developed and we realized how lucky we were to be a part of a larger community, and that other people were likely looking for this in their own lives.

Down south we had met some great friends who invited us to lunch to meet some of their friends; that lunch really changed our lives. The new people that we met lived at and ran an unusual private facility that allowed groups to host events at their place. It was called "The Longhouse" and we were invited up to see what it was like. We wandered around thinking what an unusual and amazing place, it had so much potential and we thought it was great.

Eventually the Longhouse folks came to us with an offer to run an event at the facility. As Jim likes to say in orientation, he thought about it for three seconds, we talked, and decided we needed to give this a try. It all started with a little party with a few friends back in early 2003. The group was called Redmond Ranch back then and we had about 54 people at our first party which was great. We were very pleased with the turnout and we knew we loved this idea of hosting parties for our friends. We also knew that we needed to have new people attend so we started looking for a way to advertise discreetly. One of our early members started a simple website for us.

Things started slowly and we had to work for over a year to get the numbers up to something that was sustainable. We had a few friends that offered to help us setup the parties, and I think there was maybe 3-4 of us for those first few months. Then there were people who offered to help with marketing, cooking, setup/cleanup, and we felt very lucky that we had so many good folks wanting to be there to help the parties continue. This continues to this day of course because we have the best staff team and volunteers anywhere.

The midnight snack with the sandwich platters was always planned, but the freshly baked cookies kind of happened by accident. One of our "Ranch Hands" had brought some cookie dough to the party and just started baking them at midnight, and a tradition began. As I recall she couldn’t attend the next party and there weren’t any cookies for that night – we almost had a revolt on our hands. Luckily she was there pretty much from then on and the midnight snack became one of the most popular parts of our parties.

The Yahoo Group came next and we started sending out party announcements to the smallish member list we had developed. That started working because more people heard about our parties and then would forward our notices to other groups and to their friends and so on and so on. Today we have around 2000 members on our group and a similar number on our party notices mailing list.

The first party theme was Good Girls and Bad Boys, and many of the members dressed up in outfits and costumes, and we realized that it would be fun to have dress up themes once in a while. Jim and I always asked for feedback from the membership and we listened to what they said. They told us that the "Be yourself – no dress code" really worked for them -that combined with using such an unusual facility, well it just came together naturally. Now we just say, come out as you are and be yourself, relax and meet new friends – and we mean it.

Early on we decided that Friday night was right night for us to work with. There were lots of other options on Saturday nights at that time, but Friday was an untapped and unknown entity, and more of a challenge. We think it worked out pretty well in the end.

So ten years later we are looking back at how far we have come, and we feel many things, happy, grateful, and looking forward to the coming years.

Coming up at Eros

Next party: the next party is our 10 year anniversary party on Friday, March 1st. Please join us to help celebrate the past ten years and we would really love to see some of the members from that first year, also those who attended our very first party in 2003, they are invited to be our guests for the evening. We will be giving away some Hitachi Magic Wands (3) and free party passes (3) as a small thank you to the members who have been so devoted and loyal to us. Also setup for the members is complimentary massage from a massage specialist.

Following event: Friday, March 15th – St. Patrick’s Day Party with Amateur Strip Night – The facility will be festively decorated in green, and we invite you to join us to have a little Irish fun. We will also be having another installment of our Amateur Strip Night party – a night to dance and strip in front of a cheering crowd, and we have heard that Sheena may perform a dance or two for us all.

Pool Fund-Raiser: Saturday, April 13th – an open event for members and new people as well. It will start with a meet and greet for the first couple of hours and then a play party will follow. This will be a great night to come out and meet some new folks from different clubs and groups, and on a rare Saturday night – going to be a wild one.

This is a special thank you to the many thousands who have attended our parties, and a welcome to those who have yet to attend their first Eros Event.


Jim and Mandy
Eros Events
phone: (425) 868-8169

Eros Events – Summer Newsletter – 2012

Summer Newsletter 2012

Hello everyone! We hope you are all having a terrific summer and enjoying this nice weather. We have had a great time at our summer events this year, and the upcoming Hawaiian BBQ/Jim’s Birthday Bash is going to be amazing – see the website for additional information –

We like to stay in touch with all of you to let you know what is going on and what is coming up for us. Jim and I listen to all of the feedback we receive from the membership, and we implement as many of the ideas as possible. All ideas are considered, and we appreciate how many of you want to help to continually improve the parties. One of the things we heard about frequently is that many of our members appreciate having more private or semi-private play spaces. We have been updating or adding more of these types of areas in recent months.
The pool room has a special, semi-private area near the hot tub – this is an area with gauzy curtains and some nice furniture. By how often this area gets used, we have to say this new setup is a success. We also added an open play area with stacked mattresses adjacent to the dance floor – this space is popular with all of our exhibitionists. There is now a fully private play area behind the massage table. The massage table is setup in front of this area for the members to use throughout the party.

In the Blockhouse we have changed the layout to allow for more private or semi-private play areas. This is the largest outbuilding cabin where we have the Sybian Vibrator Machine setup as well as the sex swing. Please let us know what you think about the new setup of this area. One recent rule change is that unaccompanied male members are not permitted in this area without an invitation to join from a member couple or a single female.

Jim and I are seeking volunteers to help out on our staff team in exchange for free parties. We are primarily looking for couples, but will consider a single person as well. Most helpful would be someone who can either come early to help with setting up the party, or those who can spend the night and help with the morning cleanup. We give a free party (that night) to all couples who are able to help us with this kind of work. This is a great way to meet our loyal and dedicated staff and volunteers, and to make some new friends. Also, we understand member couples have busy schedules and can’t attend all the time; we have relaxed our requirements about how often you have to attend events to help as staff. Contact us at the reservation email account with more specific questions –

New ideas are always welcome, and the very best ones come from our members. Here are some of the things we would like to know from you:

· New party theme ideas

· New menu suggestions or food items that you would like us to serve

· Different ideas or ways of setting up the party or a specific area

· General improvement ideas to help make everyone’s experience be fantastic

A lot of helpful information can be found on our website at: – including an upcoming event schedule as well as frequently asked questions and a tour of the facility. New couples in particular will find the website helpful as we have listed many of the things they need to know, items to bring to an event, what to wear, etc. New photos of our fun dance and pool room have been added to the Tour section of the website:

Jim and I want to thank all of you for reading this, for your ideas, and for your unending support of our Eros parties. The past two years – and even longer – have been so great! We are constantly amazed by the number of new people who attend, many of whom have been referred by our fabulous members. We consider this high praise that you talk about the parties with your friends. Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Happy Summer!

Jim and Mandy,

Eros Events

Eros Events Newsletter – Summer 2011

Welcome to the first edition of the Eros Events Newsletter. We want to thank our members for their tremendous support. It has been 8 ½ years since we had our first event back in early 2003, and the parties are growing each and every month. This newsletter is a way for us to inform our members, and potential members, about what is happening at the events – any improvements, and also what our future plans are. There will be many more years of exciting and fun parties where you will meet some of your best friends and have a great time.

Eros Feedback Request

We welcome feedback with party theme suggestions, comments, questions or ideas you may have. Some of the best ideas come from our members.

This is what we would like to know from you:

  • Themes you like the most. The least?
  • A new sexually-based theme you would like Eros to try
  • A favorite Eros meal that you would like to have repeated
  • A specific dessert that you would like us to serve more often
  • More vegetarian dishes? Finger foods?
  • Beverages (non-alcoholic) you would like to have
  • Change the layout/setup in the group play areas/bedrooms
  • Other, safer sex supplies that you would like provided
  • A game or activity that encourages mingling
  • Suggestions about the dance area/specific sexy dance songs
  • Different way to use the outbuilding cabins for play or games?

You can email us or call with your comments. There will be a suggestion box in the social area for those members who wish to remain anonymous. We may not be able to implement all of the suggestions, but serious consideration will be given to all ideas. All positive and constructive input is welcomed.

Previous Events

The parties have been going very well lately, and this is because of many things, not the least of which is our hardworking staff and volunteers. New members and a massage specialist were recently added to our staff. Let us know if you are interested in joining our staff team. Other contributing factors are: new theme and seasonal decorating in the pool room, and upgrading the menu – both of which are helping to provide a consistently good, delicious, and fun party for everyone.

Our eighth anniversary party was held on March 5th. We spent some time talking with members about how much we appreciated their support. It was great to see some couples from our first year (2003). The parties are only as good as the people who are there, so we thank you all for coming out to see us at Eros.

Wild Singles Night – this latest edition of our singles party went well. We had lots of singles join us (we watch the ratio of men to women closely), and then couples who like to add an additional person to their playtime. Speed dating for Singles was great and we were asked to repeat this activity at the next singles night.

The extra July pool party was lots of fun. The last session of Couples Speed Dating went very well. Speed Dating is a great way to chat and meet multiple couples at one time. We had festive blow up beach balls in the pool with people enjoying a soothing dip or a relaxing soak in the hot tub.

Upcoming Events

Several popular themes are coming up after the summer break – one of which is our Hawaiian BBQ/Jim’s birthday party on Friday, August 19th.

For the Friday following Labor Day Weekend we are hosting Threesome Night with Sexy Games, which is always a “playful” party – Friday, September 9th.

Also, the ever popular Amateur Strip Night with an added Burlesque theme will make an exciting return to Eros on Friday, September 23rd. The very talented “Diamond” will return with another outstanding and provocative performance.

Friday, September – 9th -  Threesome Night
Friday, September – 23rd – Amateur Strip Night and Burlesque Show
Friday, October 7th – 70s Dance and Dress Night
Friday, October 21st – Halloween Costume and Dance Party
Friday, November 4th – New Couples Night
Friday, November 18th – Bi-Female Night and All-Girl Orgy
Friday, December 2nd – Wild Singles Night
Friday, December 16th – Erotic Holiday party


“Dear Jim and Mandy”

A variety of topics will be covered here that are designed to not only help new couples feel more comfortable at events but for member couples with questions as well.

Event Rules

Will we feel pressure to participate before we are ready?

You will not feel any pressure to join in before you are ready. Let me repeat. Never do anything you don’t want to. Our members know that this is one of our most important rules, and no one is permitted to violate it. Always proceed at your own pace. Take your time. If you ever feel pressure from another member, simply speak with us or one of our staff. We will discreetly speak with them so that this behavior is not repeated. You will never be identified as the complainant. If the behavior is repeated, they will be asked to leave and may not be able to return to future events.

Lifestyle Etiquette

How do you approach another couple?

Approach them together and ask to sit with them. Having a conversation is a good idea. Talk about what you are interested in doing and ask them what they are interested in. Use words like “play” or “get together” as some couples find certain guttural words offensive. There may not be a connection that night; however, we recommend staying and talking with them anyway. This shows a real desire to get to know them. Remember: there is always another time if they feel like they have gotten to know you a little.

For more anonymous encounters, if you see a couple in one of the play rooms, position yourself close or next to them. Make a comment that you enjoy watching them together. If you are on a bed next to them, extend a hand over to one of the partners. You can gently touch a hand to see if you get a go-ahead to continue. Making eye contact with one of the partners can often work. They may answer verbally or non-verbally, but watch for subtle cues. If you want another couple to come and join you, then you can quietly ask if they wish to join you, or “wink” at them, or wiggle your finger towards them – these are playful ideas that will help break the ice.

We are so pleased to have this new way to communicate with our members. It is our goal to host quality events, and we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the parties. We welcome your thoughts and hope that you will participate in this process with us.

This is our website – – you will find lots of helpful information listed there including:

  • Event schedule
  • Tour of event location
  • FAQs
  • Rules
  • Blog

Our blog on the website is where you can review past event themes and other items of interest, and you can either bookmark the blog, or subscribe to it with an RSS reader. Please feel free to forward this newsletter to couples and single females who might be interested in coming out to a party. If you invite a couple who attends a party you will receive a $20 discount off your party fee. Contact us via email if you would like to receive upcoming event notices and we will add you to the mailing list. We welcome you to join us for one of our fun Friday Night parties.

Your Eros Events hosts,

Jim and Mandy
Eros Events
phone: (425) 868-8169

Staff Help Needed at Eros Events

At Eros we have a dedicated group of volunteers who help us to put on the events. There are a variety of duties required and we are currently looking to fill a few spots. In exchange for helping on the staff crew, you will receive a free party for each night that you work. We are looking for couples who are able to come before the party starts to help with setup and then some help during the parties. We are also seeking couples who can help some during the event and spend the night and assist with cleanup in the morning. Contact us directly at:

Eros Events Discontinued in Seattle; Shift Focus to Redmond Parties

We have had some great events at our downtown location over the past year but at this time we are discontinuing our regular monthly events. We may have some classes down there occasionally and perhaps a party during our break at Redmond during the summer. We thank everyone for their tremendous support of our "Eros in the City" parties. We will be focusing on making our Redmond parties better than ever and we are looking forward to having you all join us there.

Single Females at Eros Events

We just added a new question and answer to the FAQ section of our website:

Do single females attend?
YES! Almost every party includes several single females. We have many single females who have attended our parties for their first lifestyle event as a single, and some have become regular attendees and staff members. We also offer a special discount for single female members for only $15 per party (plus $10 annual membership for new members).

About Eros Events

Welcome to Eros Events (formerly Redmond Ranch)! Eros Events is a private membership group where open-minded couples can come and explore their sexuality, sensuality and spirituality. We have created an environment where you can fulfill your wildest fantasies in a safe and relaxed setting. If you are interested in hedonism, spirituality and having a great time with your partner and potentially others, then come visit us. You are free to explore your sexuality at a fun and safe location without any pressure, or just visit without participating. Our events are very socially oriented with many opportunities for great conversation and for making new friends.

If you have not already made reservations to attend our next event, contact us via email or phone. Check out our Tour page to view photos of various rooms inside our facilities. For more information, refer to our FAQ section.

Welcome to the Eros Blog

This is our new Eros Blog, added our Eros Events ( website.

You can subscribe to the Eros Blog RSS feed using

Or bookmark and visit the Eros Blog home page:

With information already on our website such as Eros Events news, party dates/details, FAQs, rules, and tour photos, our Eros Blog here will complement that content with additional news, event information, announcements, as well as information about the lifestyle in general.