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About Us

Welcome to Eros Events (formerly Redmond Ranch)! Eros Events is a private membership group based in Redmond, WA for over 12 years where open-minded couples can come and explore their sexuality, sensuality, and spirituality. We have created an environment where you can fulfill your wildest fantasies in a safe and relaxed setting. If you are interested in hedonism, spirituality and having a great time with your partner and potentially others, then come visit us. You are free to explore your sexuality at a fun and safe location without any pressure, or just visit without participating. Our events are very socially oriented with many opportunities for great conversation and for making new friends.

If you have not already made reservations to attend our next event, contact us via email or phone. Check out our Tour page to view photos of various rooms inside our facilities. For more information, refer to our FAQ section below.


Eros Reference Reward Program - Eros Reference Reward Program - We reward our Eros member couples with a $20 discount who bring first time attending couples/single females to our parties. Member couples are encouraged to help bring multiple new couples/single females, and our parties are even better as a result. Reference reward discounts accumulate for use at any upcoming party, with a limit of one $20 discount per member couple for each event.

Eros Blog -
We have a blog at http://eros-events.org/eros-blog. With information already on our website such as Eros Events news, party dates/details, FAQs, rules, and tour photos, our Eros Blog complements that content with additional news, event information, and announcements.


Upcoming Parties
Note: All party themes are optional participation with many rooms open to general party activity and fun.
Timeline Start Time at 8:00pm
NEW COUPLES - Please try to arrive by 8:30pm
Orientation for new people at approximately 9:00pm
Optional theme portion of the party starts around 10:00pm
Snacks at midnight
No set end time, stay and play all night
Sleeping spaces available at 2:00am
Continental breakfast at 8:30am morning
All attendees should be up and departed by 11:00am
Summer Break 4 weeks
Friday, September 18th
Back to School/Naughty School Girl Night
Back to School/Naughty School Girl Night - Always an erotic and fun night; many women love to dress up like a sexy school girl, you know you want to......Men love this and we always have lots of women dressed in the theme. We might even add a Strip night show to this party. Stay tuned.

Previous Parties
Friday, August 21st
Hawaiian BBQ
We tied our all time attendance record with this event last year in August, what a night that was. The facility will be festively decorated and we will have a special dinner menu where we will be grilling some delicious summer foods for our special Hawaiian themed menu. We are pleased to have the women back from Pure Romance - https://www.pureromance.com/desireesnowden; they have fun raffles and giveaways planned and they always give our members a discount on their fun products. So join us for this fun party to have a relaxing swim/soak in the clothing optional pool and hot tub. It is an amazing feeling to be able to swim nude and relax and just be yourself, you will love it.
Friday, July 31st
Fund Raiser Setup Night (Volunteers Only)
Free party for fund-raiser volunteers only. The entire facility will be made available to all volunteers who help with the setup of the building and the grounds for the big fund-raiser event the next night. We will be making a free hot breakfast for everyone on Saturday morning..
Saturday, August 1st
Parking Lot Fund Raiser Party
The last time we hosted a fundraiser party (for our indoor pool) it was by far our biggest party ever.The Longhouse facility has been advised that they have to make significant changes to the area around their well and the main parking lot. They are no longer able to park cars in the main parking lot because of the close proximity to their well; that means that they need to develop other areas of the property for additional parking. This will involve preparing the land, building walkways and pathways, and installing suitable outdoor lighting that will be durable all year round. Also the pump in the well is going out (after 30+ years) and that will be a big additional expense. We are asking for all of you to join us for this special party. This is a rare event that is open to everyone, regardless of relationship status and regardless of affiliation with any Longhouse group. Please note that this event is for new people and then all adult members in good standing.

Suggested donation amount is $20/person (or more) and we are asking for potluck contributions to help minimize costs and to have all of the proceeds go to the intended purpose. Bring a tent if you want to try sleeping over outdoors. We plan to open mid-afternoon on Saturday to allow nude-sunbathing and fun games on the lawn. We will be making a free hot breakfast on Sunday morning for those who spend the night. This is a great opportunity to check out this location. If you have never joined us before, we encourage you to come out and see us; have a swim in the clothing optional pool, or a relaxing soak in the hot tub, a dance with your partner, or just meet some new friends. There are many groups involved in helping us to promote this event, and we thank everyone for their valued assistance.

This is what we have planned:

start time - 3 p.m.
nude sunbathing - fun games on the lawn
overnight sleeping is permitted - bring your tent if you wish, inside sleeping will be available on a limited basis
potluck menu - this party will be a completely potluck event, so we really need you to help bring food so that all proceeds can go to the necessary areas
beverages - no alcohol permitted, some soft beverages provided, feel free to bring your own preference of soft beverages
door-prize raffle - a new sex toy that you will all love; raffle at 10pm, be there to claim the prize
end time - open all night
free hot breakfast in the morning

Please send any questions or reservations to: longhousefundraiser2015@yahoo.com

Friday, June 19th
Summer Gang Bang/Go-Go Glider
We broke an all time attendance record for this party last year in June, and we are expecting another great crowd for this event. Joining us for this special party is a new vendor with an amazing new sex toy that they have invented and developed for the past two years. It is called the Go-Go Glider and you have to see this toy in person. Check it out on their website: http://www.happyplaceproducts.com. They will be selling these items at the party and they are going to have a free raffle to give away 1 or maybe 2 of these amazing toys so you won't want to miss this fun night. The Gang Bang theme has become our most popular event, come out to see what all the fuss is about. Theme participation is always optional and you will have a great time and see some very interesting things.
Friday, June 5th
Oral Sex Class - Blowjobs 101
We haven't held this class for about two years, so here it is. Blowjobs 101. This is designed as beginner's level workshop, although more experienced members may gain new ideas to try out or share a tip of their own. Some of the topics we cover are: why don't some women like giving blowjobs, building trust, basic techniques, body positioning, things to avoid. At the end of the class there will be time for some questions and comments; the comments are always very interesting. Join us for this fun class; you could learn something, teach something....the sky's the limit. Everyone should know how to give a great blowjob so grab your partner and come out to see us at Eros.
Friday, May 15th
New Couples Night/Pool Party
Back by popular demand.....first time couples to Eros may attend at a reduced rate of $35/couple and annual membership dues are just $10/person. This event will be a fun Pool Party as well and we expect the indoor heated pool at the facility to be full of naked bodies.


We use a private facility and everyone who attends needs to be a member. The membership/dues each calendar year are $10 per person. If you join as a new couple/single female in December, your dues will be renewed automatically for the following year. Our membership requirements are attending orientation at your first event, paying your dues each calendar year, and signing membership documents.


Question Answer
What type of people attend the events? We have a diverse group of friendly, social, and open minded people who attend each party. Some of them are experienced in the lifestyle, and some are brand new and just want to observe at first. New couples are always invited to attend any party regardless of the theme, and all themes are optional participation.
How do you describe the facility location? Our events are held at a home-like retreat center in Redmond, WA, surrounded by acres of natural and beautiful grounds. We have lots of indoor play space for group fun, as well as areas that are more private for intimate moments with special friends. There are many fun play rooms, a wonderful heated indoor pool plus hot tub where swimming suits are optional, dance area with great music, and a brass pole often used for erotic fun events. We have two outbuilding cabins, one equipped with a sex swing and the sybian vibrator machine (at most events), and another which can be used as a group or private play area. Check out our Tour page to view photos of various rooms inside our party location.
What does it cost to attend? Do you have an initiation or membership fee? Our party entrance fee is $45 for couples and $20 for single females. Club membership is required via annual dues of $10/person. We do not accept credit/bank cards.
What is the age range? Generally our age range is from early 20s to 50s, every gathering is unique.
Do you allow single males to attend? We have a limited number of pre-approved single males attend each event based on the number of couples and single females that will be in attendance. We are not accepting new membership applications from single males at this time.
Do single females attend? YES! Almost every party includes several single females. We have many single females who have attended our parties for their first lifestyle event as a single, and some have become regular attendees and staff members.
Can a member couple bring an extra single person to a party? Yes, single female guests are unrestricted at this time. If you wish to bring an extra male guest to a party, we ask you to do the following. First of all, we ask that you have met in person and are not just on-line friends. This is because we ask you to vouch for their good behavior, and also that they will follow the event and facility rules. Secondly, if you do get permission to bring another man with you then he would need to attend the orientation meeting, and if you leave for the night we would ask that your party all leave at the same time. Single females are always permitted to bring a date with them, but the same rules apply to them as couples - you have met in person, he attends orientation, and then you need to leave together.
What should we wear? Women wear casual clothing and sexy little outfits and bring lingerie and robes to change into as the evening progresses. Men wear casual clothing and bring robes and towels to change into as the evening progresses. We will occasionally host special themed events, with details for optional dress for that evening.
Is food provided? Yes, we have a variety of potluck food and snacks starting at 8:00 p.m. If you have a potluck item that you would like to bring and share with everyone we would really appreciate it. We provide soft beverages which include soft drinks, coffee and tea. Chilled bottled water is available at the front desk for $1. We also have a midnight snack to help re-energize everyone, which usually includes platters of fresh sandwiches and hot-out-of-the-oven homemade chocolate chip cookies.
Is smoking allowed at the events? Not indoors, but we have a covered smoking area on our patio which is just outside the pool and dance area.
Is it OK to bring pets if left in the car? No, pets or animals are not permitted on the property (including left in a car) as we use a spiritual sanctuary space and it is against the facility rules. Please contact us with any questions.
What are the rules at each event? Refer to our Rules page to review our detailed party guidelines.
What should we bring? If you plan to use the pool or hot tub, it's recommended that you bring a towel, or you can rent one from the front desk for a small laundry fee. If you plan to stay overnight, it is recommended that you bring a blanket (we have a small supply available at the facility). We provide lots of clean sheets for your playing and sleeping use. It is advised to bring a small duffel bag with you to hold your items. There is a cubbyhole area available in the pool room to store your items. We do not have a locker setup so please do not bring valuables with you into the building. Instead, please lock them in your vehicle but do not set any car alarms.
What time do the events start and how late do they go? Our events start at 8:00pm. If it is your first time attending an event, we require you to arrive by about 8:30 pm for the new person orientation which will begin shortly thereafter. It will last approximately 20-30 minutes. The theme portion of the evening generally starts at about 10:00pm. Returning member couples can arrive as late as they wish. There is no fixed time that each event ends. You can spend the night with us at no additional charge. We ask that everyone who spends the night is up and showered and leaving the facility by 10am - 10:30am at the latest.
What kind of referral discounts do you offer? Eros Reference Reward Program We reward our Eros members with a $20 discount who bring first time attending couples to our parties. Members are encouraged to help bring multiple new couples, and our parties are even better as a result. Reference reward discounts accumulate for members for use at any upcoming party (please advise the front desk staff that you have a guest discount coming), with a limit of one $20 discount per member couple or single for each event.
What do I do if I have questions but not ready to attend an event yet? Email or call (see Contact Us section below) for reservations unless it is after 2:00pm on the day of a party - then we prefer you call on the reservation line at (425) 868-8169, as we are not able to check email often on the afternoon/evening of an event. Couples and single females who are existing members can still attend an event without reservations.
What is the best way to make reservations? Email or call (see Contact Us section below) for reservations unless it is after 2:00pm on the day of a party - then we prefer you call, as we are not able to check email often on the afternoon/evening of an event. Couples and single females who are existing members can still attend an event without reservations.

Contact Us

Reservations and questions:

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